Clicking sound when turning both ways.


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Clicking sound when turning both ways.

All I have a 91 Honada Accord EX and when I turn corners you hear a clicking sound from the front. I suspect the axle but not to sure. This only happens when turning.

Thanks for all the replys
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I would suspect a cv joint, any good tire shop can tell you what's wrong. If the boot is split it probably got dirt in it and fouled it.
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If the vehicle has plenty of life left, do yourself a favor and replace the entire half-shaft assembly and do both sides.
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cv joints

Typicall CV joint noise click on turns look at the boots and inspect them (use your hands)your hands will clean up.Replace whole axle as a assy special tools are regured to replace those cv joints and the job is much faster if you just buy the whole axle with the cv on them already.Dont skimp and buy those fix it boots I have yet to see one work.
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I own 1990 Honda Accord LX 4 door. I can almost guarantee you that your CV joint worn out. I just had this same problem about 1.5 months ago. I checked the CV boot and it was broken with >1/2 grease still inside CV boot. The clicking noise is very minimal. I think it may only required to change CV boot even though my mechanic told me he can almost guarantee me that CV joint worn out which will be very expensive. Then, I have CV boot changed by my mechanic because I have a hard time to get spindle nut out from axle assembly without right tools. But the noise even get worse after changing new boot. I decided to fix myself. I bought the remanufactured axle assembly from a very good deal internet store with good service (let me know if you need it) for less than $50 (free shipping charge with core - need to return your old broken part). In addition, spent another $75 to buy the right tools. I fixed it within 4 hours since there are some tricks which I don't know the first time. If you know the tricks, it can be easily fixed within 2 hours. Having mechanic fix, you are talking about ~ $350 parts and labors. Let me know if you need more help! Good Luck!

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