Steering Problem on 1995 Ranger


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Steering Problem on 1995 Ranger

I have a 1995 Ranger pickup with a 2.3 L engine, manual trans and lately when I turn the wheel to the left it sometimes feels like it sticks there until I actually turn the wheel back so it straightens out. There is a definite feel in the steering wheel when it breaks free and you can sometimes here it. This doesn't happen all the time but does quite often. I'm not sure what the front end looks like as far as rack and pinion or what. I have never noticed this when I turn the wheel to the right. Also, I have tried it while I was sitting still and turning all the way to the left but haven't been able to make it stick.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I don't believe your truck has rack and pinion. Sounds like a ball joint or tie rod binding. If you put it up on stands and turn the wheels back and forth you will probably feel it. If you disconnect the tie rods, you may be able isolate to the ball joints on one side.

Another possibility is the u-joint in the steering shaft, but generally you will feel that in the steering wheel -- easy, hard, easy hard, as you turn the wheel.
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do you have grease fittings on ball joints and tie rod ends ext. Grease it real good and see if that stops it.

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