97 Mirage A/C problems


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97 Mirage A/C problems

Air has stopped blowing cold and just blows warm air. I can hear what I guess is the compressor kicking on etc. Bought one of those 134a recharging kits from Wal-Mart hoping it was just low on freon. Follow directs etc. and the gage on the kit shoots up to the red zone stopping at 100psi. According to that its overcharged? But have not had any A/C work done on the car for years. When air is on can hear a "hissing" type noise inside the car coming from under the dash every few minutes.

Any ideas whats going on here?
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I have similar problem with my 1990 Honda Accord LX 4 doors. I have it checked by mechanic and he said I have a medium leak in my compressor and partial plugged in expension valve. The total cost of fixing it is $850 which I don't think it is worth for this 16 years old car. My car initially using R12 which I can't recharge myself. I decided to retrofit it to R134a (not trully retrofit) myself. I then bought R134a retrofit and recharging kit from eBay for $33.95 (now is $28.95 ) including shipping and handling. I also bought a 3 oz can of dye to detect leak from WalMart here. I follow the CD comes from the package to recharge it after my mechanic recycle all R12 from my car. I notice the presure gets to yellow even red zone while charging it. However, I also notice if I press down the hose at the valve, the presure goes back to green or zoro presure. I didn't feel cool air after charging three cans of R134a total 45 oz (36 oz R134a and small leak seal + 9 oz ester oil, I only need 30 oz of R134a in my system, but I over charged) plus one 3 oz dye can. I gave up and think it may be a large leak in the system. However, starting the next morning, it blows cool air just like what it was before. It has been 4 days and still working fine. This morning I found there is a small bubble coming out from compressor thick tube screw (low side) after driving. Now I am monitoring how long my car air conditioner can blow out cool enough air to decide whether I want to have air conditioner system fix myself or not. Hope my experience help you! Good Luck!
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Yeah sorta, Mirage has low mileage of 75K for it being 8 yrs old. Runs awesome and in great shape but its hard to pay a ton of $ to fix the air because after I did that the car would all of a sudden die on me with my luck. Prob take it to a AC place do their $49.95 ac tune up thingy then find out whats wrong and how much to fix and then see whether or not its worth the $ to fix.
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" + 9 oz ester oil" wow most cars take about 6

ps. when your retrofit your system it is advisable to change the drier

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