94 T-Bird EGR


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94 T-Bird EGR

1994 T-Bird 4.6 engine. Have a check engine light on. Scanned and found a p1407 no EGR flow. Checked the vacuum lines and they look OK. When I disconnect the vacuum line to the EGR valve I have no vacuum coming from the EGR solenoid valve. I suspect the solenoid valve and maybe not the EGR valve. Am I going in the right direction?
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I think the EGRs start getting the vacuum at 2000 RPM
not at idle.
I dont remember if the car must be hot or cold. before the vacuum turns on.
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Without knowing for sure, it could be road speed, engine speed, temp etc, because the ECM controls it.

Tee a vacuum gauge in and drive it with the gauge taped to the windshield.
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Another check...

Good advice above to bracket the problem.

A quick check for the egr valve itself is to apply vacuum to the valve diaphragm. This checks if the diaphragm is still good and if the valve opens by watching the stem move.
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Thanks for all the help. I was thinking of doing the vacuum test, but there is no way to see the stem move. Thinking I could apply vacuum while the engine was running and note a change in the engine. Do you guys think that will work? The valve is buried up close to the firewall.
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95 percent of the time you have a code like this on a ford you either have a restricted egr passage in the intake or a bad dpfe or pfe sensor wich ever style sensor your model uses, you can still attach a hand vacum pump to the valve it should hold vacum if the diaghram is good you may not notice much of any difference in the way the engine runs if the passage is restricted.
but typically the egr valve and solenoid very rarely fail.

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