Power Lock On Odyssey


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Unhappy Power Lock On Odyssey

I have a problem with the power lock on my 2000 Honda Odyssey. I can't lock/unlock any door by using the switch on the door and neighter by using the remote. I went to the dealer and without even looking at my car they said it's an actuator and it's going to be someting like $300 to replace it.
I don't think it's an actuator because only one lock wouldn't work then. The driver's door switch used to lock all doors at a time. To me it looks more like the circuit that actually provides the pulse to the all actuators. It may be the drive circuit on the keyless entry recevier. Since I have a electronics background I thought I can fix it myself. I bought the Chilton's book and there is a nice wiring diagram in it but I can't locate that recevier. I need help, please.

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Have you checked the fuse?
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I finally found time to check the fuses. And that was it! Just one 20A fuse. The locks work like new now!
BTW why did the fuse blow in the first place? Is it going to blow again without an apparent reason? Should I put 25A instead of the 20A just in case?
I wonder if the dealer would still charge me the $300 just for replacing the $0.50 fuse. I'll never know.
Thanks again!
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It's hard to say what caused the fuse to blow. It could be a wire that has insulation scraped off or was pinched and contacted a metal part of the car causing a short which, if thats the case could cause the fuse to blow again. Or if there is a problem with the actuator, it may draw more current than 20A at times, or possibly liquid got spilled in the switch...just guesses. Keep a few spare fuses with you just in case you need them.

Never replace a fuse with a higher amp fuse because the components and wires of the circuit are only designed to handle a certain amount of current and you could damage an expensive part or burn the wires if too much current flows through.

The dealer may have charged you the $300 if they are unethical. Good thing you had the sence to question their "diagnosis" which didn't make sence, like you described.

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