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Question Camaro question

Hi, this question is about a friends car. Its a camaro, not sure of the year, but 86 keeps popping in my head. Well, she bought the car last summer, the car has a good alternator, starter, and battery. No heating system. But she didn't run the car all winter. Now, a few months ago, she goes to start it and it doesn't start. Anyone know what the problem could be? [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]

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Hi, welcome to DIY forums
Your friend's no-start Camaro could be alot of things
You'll want to post some real specific info so some can help

Including but not limited too:

When you turn the key, do you hear a click, or nothing
When you turn the key, do you hear a humm from the gas tank
Does the engine turn, but not catch

"the car has a good alternator, starter, and battery"
How do you know this? it sounds picky but it's important
If it was a new battery last summer and hasn't been checked since...that doesn't mean it's still good

The year and engine will be important
Especially if it's around '86
That era was a switch from carbs to injection, and knowing which your freind has is important

If you post back with some more info, the folks here might be able to help

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