86 Neon overheating


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86 Neon overheating

My brother has an 86 Neon that is overheating. I have removed the thermo stat and the car is still over heating. Cap is keeping good preasure, the rad looks like it's missing some fins and may needs to be replaced. What are good signs that it should be replaced and also how do I tell if the water pump is gone with out takeing it out?

Thanks for all the replys.
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If you removed the stat and the engine is overheating (boiling over), then the pump is a good candidate. But could also be a blocked radiator, incorrect routed belt, missing fan shroud, bad fan motor, etc.

With the stat removed, remove the radiator cap and inspect inside the radiator to see if the water is moving or flowing. Good visible flow means a good pump.

Unfortunately, you don't see a bad pump, you just diagnose it. Does the pump make noise? Does it seep water from behind the pulley? If so, those are signs of a bad pump.

Ask yourself if anything was altered on the car such as an aftermarket fan motor, etc.

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