Gas leak or what?


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Gas leak or what?

Here's a good one for ya'll. Filled gas tank at station. Got home, pulled into the garage, got out. Smelled gasoline. Looked back into driveway/street. Trail of liquid followed car into garage. Rapid dripping of gas pooling under car just inside left rear tire. Drove immediately to dealer. By the time I got to dealer, dripping had ceased, but left rear axle was still wet and still smelled of fuel. Tech acknowleged wet and strong smell of fuel and guessed it was due to a leaky gasoline filler neck, which sounded reasonable. No sign of drippage on car exterior or inside gas cap area. Had to be "internal" Left car ('95 Camry) overnite. Got call the next morning saying that they couldn't find a leak or get it to leak, even after having topped off with fuel! "Can't get it to leak, everything appears normal, that'll be $80." Even the service tech was stymied, as he saw and smelled problem when I pulled in the afternoon before. I'll be picking up vehicle in a couple of hours, but know darn well it's going to be a problem again. These things don't fix themselves. Or do they? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks-
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You've heard the phase, Here today, Gone tomorrow.

Maybe a loose gas cap allowed it to slosh out.
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Did you stop pumping the first time the nozzel clicked off? if you top it off you run the risk of the fuel getting into the evap cannister and it will leak out, and yes it will stop by itself.

BTW: the vent for the cannister is by the drivers side rear wheel.

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