please help me......(1994 Hyundai freeze plugs)


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Unhappy please help me......(1994 Hyundai freeze plugs)

i have a 1994 hyundai excel. not worth buying a chilton for. i need to know where the freeze plug is located and how hard its gonna be to get out and change.........if anyone can help me please email me or xxxxx, I am lost and frustrated with this foreign piece of xxxxx...

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I'm not a hyundai guy but I believe there are multiple freeze plugs. They are usually nearly inaccessible without removing something to get to them. This could be a very difficult job for a diy'er.

Keep in mind that freeze plugs come is several dozen sizes and you need the exact, and I mean exactly, the same size.
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if you need to change one then I assume its leaking , follow the water flow .

they do make expandable rubber ones , the expandable rubber one I put in lasted the life of the car troublefree 3-4 years as I recall
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Interesting point mango. I've seen those rubber plugs listed in parts catalogs but was told they were for marine applications and often to deep to seat in an engine block. Since all I know about boats is how to spell it, lol, I trusted the tip. But now you have given me something new to store away in the grey matter. Thanks for the tip.

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