Basic Chevy Cavalier repair

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Basic Chevy Cavalier repair

Basic question about removing the serpentine belt from a 2001 Cavalier:

Is there a special tool to turn the tensioner? Our Haynes manual says to turn the "tensioner bolt" with a "wrench", and the bolt in the middle of the tensioner is so narrow (maybe 3-4 mm raised from the tensioner) and rounded (not much of a grippable angle on the bolt head), that it seems impossible that one could turn it with a wrench--probably not even a ratchet (sp?) Even if one could use a wrench to turn the bolt, good luck getting a wrench down in that space!! And it doesn't appear that you can attack from below the car.

There are two extensions on the tensioner that look like gear teeth, though, and it seems like there must be a tool that could grab onto them and turn the tensioner very easily.

Just FYI, we are removing the belt to replace the alternator. Any other tips related to that would be appreciated. While we're in there, we're going to replace the serpentine belt (68K miles). Anything else we should do?
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I had the same problem with a taurus. I ended up using a box end wrench (the longest one I could find, because there wasn't enough room for my hands or a socket and ratchet) and buying a long pipe at lowes to put over the wrench to get the necessary torque needed to loosen the tensioner. Don't try this with a combination wrench or you'll have to get a much larger diameter pipe.

There might be a special tool at auto zone or some other parts store.

Hope this helps.
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Often there is a 3/8" square _inset_ into the tensioner. Use a 3/8" ratchet with no socket to get it to move.
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i had a similar problem with my car, i couldnt even fit a box end wrench in due to the angle. I had to buy a belt tensioning wrench and a set of crows foot sockets.
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94 cavlier problems

yeah to answert your question I am replacing a power steering pump and I used a 1/2 inch socket on mine and a cheater bar such as a 3/4 piece of pvc pipe for leverage you can goto Napa or autozone and get a tension kit for I think $30 or $40 it usally helps on all cars hope this helps

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