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As they say, "If you find a good honest mechanic, marry him."
I have places to get tires, oil changes, brakes and shocks, alternators, batteries and everything but motor work and exhaust work.
First there is the dealer who I avoid unless it's warranty work.
Second there is the service station but where I live they are all very expensive.
Thirdly there are specialty shops which I have been using for the above mentioned work-with caution I've had success.
Question is; where can you get engine/exhaust work done?
Exhaust probably at a specialty shop like Meineke-??
Engine work has me stumped-Would Pep Boys be advisable?
Is there ant other resource you can think of?
Thank you
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I would avoid Pep Boys... (bad experience)... ask your friends and neighbors.
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If you have a good honest mechanic, you could also ask him for a recommendation. Asking people you know is the best choice though. They will probably tell you not where to go as well.
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What type of engine work? Internal repairs, valve jobs, etc? Aside from rebuild and internal repair, most independent shops will replace nearly everything else.

Sometimes, the independent small muffer shop, brake shop or small body shop will do repairs, i.e. water pumps, shocks, etc. And they will charge less than competitors since they don't specialize in it. Generally the mechanics are not trained other than on-the-job-training. The shops tend to be messy and that is a sign you might want to look for. They also usually avoid computer related issues and some don't even know how to pull codes. That is a clue as to why they charge less. There may be 1 in 20 shops like that.

I know one guy is a retired mechanic and does work at his house. Another guy does work for fellow church members at his house.

For the most part, cheap repairs are a thing of the past.
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good mechanic

I'll start asking my neighbors to hopefully sort the good and the bad-thanx all.
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Avoid Pepboys like the plague. The only thing I trust them to do is to rotate the tires for free that I buy there. I had a bad issue with getting my ac fixed about 5 years ago at Pepboys and it was the first and only time I had to report somebody to the BBB. Getting them to refund your money on a mis-diagnosis is almost impossible.
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Thanx for the info-I've heard others say the same.
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Here are a few to stay away from,
pep boys
Best way to find decent Mechanics is by word of mouth.

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