98 Chevy Trcuk Brake Booster R&R


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98 Chevy Truck Brake Booster R&R

Dear Sirs,

I have a 98 Chevy C-1500 truck, 2 wheel drive, auto trans with 4.3L engine and I am in the process of removing a bad brake booster. My problem is that I have not been able to remove the factory retainer from the connector pin that attaches the booster connector rod to the brake pedal. It appears to be a two piece retainer with a circlip type bottom piece (only the circlip is a 360 degree piece without the cutout of a traditional circlip) providing spring action that applies pressure locking the top piece to the pin with a recessed hole in the pin. I asked the Part Store if it required a special tool and they said "No, only two screw drivers". As I see it - if I used two screwdriver to compress the spring portion (modifed circlip) I would still need another hand to remove the top piece that is attached to the pin. Any advise you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Well, the fact that something requires more hands than a human has to remove it has never stopped it being designed. Vishnu would have been a great mechanic.

Can't quite picture what you describe, but couldn't you use a pair of pliers in place of two screwdrivers ?
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98 Chevy Brake Booster R&R

I agree auto design today does not always consider ease of repair. I might be able to use pylers if I could reach it with plyers but without moving the steering column ther is not enough room to get to it. They might have been a better question for me to ask "Does the steering column have to be removed or dropped to allow for access to the brake booster connection rod and brake pedal connecting pin?" Besides this one retainer type connection it looks like a staight forward job, I just think I am missing a critical componet for getting access to this tight area.

Thank you,

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If it's the type I'm thinking of, the top is just a locking tab of sorts - you have to pry up on it and then slide it opposite, if that makes sense. I have a picture, but can't attach it here. If you want, feel free to PM me and I can get it to you. They really do come off pretty easily once it makes sense.

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