Carbon Off Pistons


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Carbon Off Pistons

What's a good way to remove the carbon build-up on these pistons and in the combustion chamber while the head is off?
The block is still in the car, and the pistons have a fair amount of black on them
(Not really surprising as it has suffered from octane creep)
I thought I should clean them up a bit before the head goes back on
Thanks in advance for any tips
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Try and bring the piston to the top and use a little solvent, alot of times the solvent will break up the gunk enough to scrape it off. To keep it from seeping down around your rings you could put a small amount of grease around the edge of the piston. I have removed the biggest part that way then if you have a steady hand you can use fine sand paper or a brass brush. Just don't get too carried away, it doesn't have to look like new as long as the bulk of the material is off. You just want to take off the gunk that is adding weight to the piston.
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Thanks CD
I ended up buying some Seafoam liquid at the parts place
I'll try that
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I like to bring out all my scrapers (chisels, putty knives) and use the ones that work the best. It's not always the sharpest one that works the best. Sometimes it's best to use the scraper that has just the right amount of 'dull' that'll remove the deposits without gouging the aluminum.

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