1996 Grand Am GT


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1996 Grand Am GT

My 96 grand am is overheating, I replaced the thermostat and it was fine for a couple of days now itís overheating again. There are no signs of antifreeze in the oil nor is it coming out of the exhaust. I filled the overflow up with antifreeze and now itís gone. Also it is blowing cool air with the heater turned on high. Someone told me I need to bleed the coolant lines, but I have no idea where they are? And could that possibly be the solution, or is it a bigger problem?? Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!
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The antifreeze had to go somewhere. Either the system wasn't full after you changed the stat or, if you don't see it in the oil or on the ground, it is probably being burned. You won't see any actual antifreeze coming from the tailpipe, you will see whiteish exhaust, which indicates a bad head gasket. Generally if this is the case the car will crank longer than usual after it has been sitting while the antifreeze is cleared from the cylinders.

Easy enough to diagnose, difficult to fix. Take it to a shop. If it is only air in the system it won't cost much. If they diagnose a head gasket it shouldn't cost too much either. In either case you will know. Saves .
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There is either 1 or 2 bleed screws on your car, depending on the engine, Look near where the thermostat goes and you will find one of the bleed screws. The other one will be in that same pipe closer to the coolant reservoir. They are 7mm screws. Be careful when loosening or tightening it. They break very easily. Loosen the bleed screws and fill the system. Let the engine run until the thermostat opens and there are no longer any bubbles from the bleed screws.
Hope this helps ya,

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