Fan Belt? noisy?


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Fan Belt? noisy?

I am looking at buying a Ford Ranger.
Drove it and heard the fan belt making noise.

Year 2000 and 49000 miles... not bad..

I know this car has been on the dealer lot for a while.
Is it normal to have a noisy fan belt for such a low mileage.
Is it hidding something? could it be serious engine problem later? or is it just a dry belt because the car is not running a lot?

Thank you
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Depending on the type of noise, it could be the belt, fan or any one of the pulleys or bearings it rides on. Fan belts are rubber, if it is original, five years is plenty of time for the rubber to harden and crack.

To quickly determine if it is as simple as a belt, open the hood with the engine running and spray a little bit of water or WD-40 on the belt. If the noise goes away it is probably the belt, although it could also be one of the pulleys, but not likely. In either case it is not a major deal. If the noise doesn't go away, then will be a water pump, alternator, compressor clutch, etc.

Safety Note : When you spray the belt, stand back. Not only might you get sprayed in return, I have had bad belts jump off when trying this.
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Thumbs up i have a ranger 2

hey i have a ranger with 153,000 the A/c works and its a 1990 i love the truck i never have a prblem with the belts but i dont think a belt making noise can hurt the rest of your engine but get a new belt to be safe or bye some belt dressing good luck

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