1999 Taurus heater


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1999 Taurus heater

1999 Taurus 3.0 6cyl
I had no heat this past winter. I flushed the heat coil & that worked. No heat now , again. About a year ago I found out that the A/C compressor comes on with the defogger when its above a certain temp outside. It's in the high 80s outside now. Is there something that prevents the heater from working when its hot out?
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The compressor coming on with the defogger is normal, keeps it from siezing up over the winter. No, there is nothing to keep the heat from coming on in hot weather. Since turning the heater on removes heat from the cooling system, it actually cools the engine.

Often heater cores plug up again even after they are flushed. Flush it again, if it goes away great, but it may only be temporary.

There are products that claim to help flush cooling systems. I don't generally use them so I can't advise one way or the other, but it might be worth a shot.

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