losing power going up hill


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losing power going up hill

What could be the reason that we suddenly lost power in our 1990 Licoln Town Car going up hill-not necessasarily steep ones. It would only go to 20-25 miles an hour speed. Ran fine the day before. Changed fuel filter to no avail. Could it be transmission?
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Not likely the transmission. How was the fuel filter you took off ? Full of crud ? Could well be the pump. Pumping against a clogged filter is not easy and wears a pump out over time. Could also be plug wires misfiring under load. A fuel pressure test while it is malfunctioning would point you in a direction.
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May not be sifting down like it should, I have an 89 and it will loose power up hills if it doesn't shift down. If it stays in overdrive you will notice it. Do you feel it shifting down to drive? If not drive it and when going up a hill and you feel no power manually shift the trans into drive and see if it picks back up. If so then you just need to have the linkage adjusted on the kick down.

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