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Question Tire Wear

I have a 2003 Corvette roadster. Both my rear tires are wearing evenly and with no unusual wear pattern differences between them. My left front tire is also wearing evenly. However, my right front steer is wearing severly to the point of it being slick on the inside edge. I have not noticed any pulling or steering vibration to indicate a problem and my tire pressure sensors indicate that both front tires are running at the same tire pressure or at the most, a lb. difference. What could be the cause of this inside edge wear on only one tire? Thanks!
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That tire allignment is off. Does that model have struts? does it have any adjustment on the allignment? if it has struts and no adjustment you have to put new struts. have you always had the car? has it been wrecked or hit a bad bump? If new struts don't fix it and there is no adjustment take it to a body shop with a frame machine and they can tell you if the car is bent and they can pull it back into specs/if its even bent.
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Tire wear.

Thanks! I'll look into the strut/adjustment. It's never been in an accident!
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The problem has to be low camber (inward tilt of the wheel) on the side with wear. New struts will not fix the problem since they play no role in the ride height or inward tilt of the wheel. If it has camber adjustment, an alignment will fix the problem.
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C5 Corvettes (1997 to 2004) have transverse leaf springs with shock absorbers. (no struts).

Bad shocks will cause cupping but unless they have a lot of miles on them your shocks are probably ok. You need to get to a good alignment shop that is familiar with corvettes. Don't waste your money with just any alignment shop as tires for that car are not cheap as you already know or will soon find out.

If you have to go to a chevy dealer that sells a lot of Corvettes. But first see if you can find a good independent shop. Corvette clubs can be a source for referrals or look in the phone book for corvette specialty repair shops. If no luck let me know where you like and I will try to help you find someone.

The inside wear is to much negative camber and yes both caster and camber are adjustable. I have never heard of "low camber".

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