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Question For the "experienced" mechanic's

A friend brought his 1970 Dodge Dart with a 255 ci slant six over to see if I could get it running.

The problem I found was the negitive wire from the coil to the dist was burnt, the points were melted and the coil was shot. After replacing these items I was able to get the car running...sounds really good by the way.

My question: what would cause these to happen? If the points were closed all the time and the ignition on, would there be enough current flow to cause the points, wire and coil to all burn up?

On a side note, maybe related issue: It "seems" to me that the coil I installed gets pretty hot, may be normal...maybe not!?!?!

I also have an intermittent open on the Positive side of the coil, keep losing the 12V coming to it. Will assume there is a problem in the ignition switch, which may also be a result of the system overheating and burning up before.

All of these things can be fixed, I just would like some idea of what caused the problem in the first place. We are thinking of installing electronic ignition on this car and would like to figure this out first, so we don't blow the new module because of a past problem.
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You are going through the resistor right? It does sound like somthing in the ignition switch sending voltage to the coil and if the resistor is sending too much voltage through or its bypassed it will fry the points and/or wire. Although points look good on an old car they just aren't worth keeping, not when you can get a more dependable setup. If your buddy doesn't know how to keep a screwdriver and an extra set of points in his glove box to be able to change the points on the side of the road then it should be changed to electronic or he will be calling you to come pick him up on the side of the road. Would also check that ignition switch.
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Yes the wires are going through the ballast resistor. What resistance should one of these read? Haven't gotten around to looking that up yet.

We do plan on converting over to electronic ignition, just don't want to do that until I have all the bugs out. Four dollar points are cheaper to replace than one hundred dollar kit.?!?!?! :mask:

Thanks for you help, I will keep making checks and see what I find.

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