1995 Cougar XR7


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1995 Cougar XR7

My 1995 cougar "bogs" down when you hit the accelerator. I was told the catalytic converter was bad, and I replaced it. Well now the car still bogs down. I was also told that the fuel system was pumping in normal range. What else could be the problem?
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bogs down when? all the time are just at passing gear speeds? is it v6 or v8? how many miles on it? If its a v6 with many miles on it you might want to have the compression checked to see if the motor is simply worn out. backing up you should first check the timing and other "tune up" parts like the plugs wire, timming and so on. Backing up further before you replaced the converter it could have been checked by, loosing the exhaust pipes on the manifold and drive it if it doesn't bog then it was stopped up, if it still bogs then the converter was not the problem.
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I would replace the fuel and air filters, couldnt hurt anyway.
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Originally Posted by dannnyk12
I was also told that the fuel system was pumping in normal range. What else could be the problem?
The fuel pressure can read fine at idle but not while driving
Who told you it was fine and how was the test done (was it tested under load-while driving)?

It could be a number of things
You'll want to have the codes read
Off-hand I'd check the TPS voltage also

It does sound like a good time for a full tune-up including all filters

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