1998 Honda Accord Brake Replacement


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1998 Honda Accord Brake Replacement

I'm replacing the front set of brakes for a friend of mine's 1998 Honda Accord. I've never changed brakes on a Honda but have done them on a Ford Escort, a Chevy Corsica, and a few other GM's. Is there much of a difference between the imports and domestics when it comes to brake pad replacement? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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if you have changed the others you should be able to change those. Not sure on that model but the foriegn cars seem to be easier.
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Some older Hondas and Acuras are more difficult, but not this one. Be sure that you push back the calipers to make sure they are in good shape (not siezed or sticking) and clean up and lube (with high-temp silcone based lube, stuff made for brakes) all sliding surfaces, including the slide pins in the calipers. Too many people just whack on the rotors and pad and wonder why they are burned off in a few weeks.
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When you push the pistons back in put a small hose on the bleed screw to direct the old fluid into a container. Open the bleed screw when you push the piston in. This is particularly important if you have anti lock brakes. Replace all the fluid while you are at it to help prevent future leaks.
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And be sure to bleed the brakes afterwards . . .

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