1996 Chevrolet Pickup Door Adjustment


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1996 Chevrolet Pickup Door Adjustment

I just purchased this vehicle. It has about 98,000 miles on it. I have noticed both doors seem to be sagging, I can tell the body creases on the back on the door do not line up with those on the back of the cab. I cannot figure out how to adjust this - the door hinges seem to be welded to both the door and the cab structure. I have a Haynes manual, there is no mention of door adjustment in it. I have seen hinge pin replacement kits for these trucks, would that fix the problem, or is something else involved? There is no evidence of collision damage, such as overspray, mismatched paint and welded areas. Thank you for your help.

Phil Riley
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they have probably just slightly bent over misuse, (kids hanging on them or something) If they close and open fine i would leave them, rather than risk screwing something up trying to fix them.
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Does the door have slack when you open it. Open the door and pick up on the end. If its got slack then you need the bushings. The only adjustment is on the pin that the latch grabs. See the star head inside, loosen it and slide it up, down, in or out until the door (with no slack) shuts.
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gm idea

I had a 89 chevy and the doors are glued on yes with a stong adhesive.Gm makes a kit so you can install bolts.I would have someone grab door with it open and have them lift it up and down while you watch hinge for play.

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