Water Jacket Dirty


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Water Jacket Dirty

Working on a 71 Bronco (302) that has set up for the last 6-7 years. Was stored with drained radiator. Have some corrosion in the water jacket that I'd like to remove without having to yank the engine (or freeze plugs) or boiling the block.
Right now it's sitting with the timing chain exposed. Any ideas on what would be the best lazy-mans way to proceed?
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Cover up the engine chain and oil pan as much as you can and Rig up a water hose to the top radiator hose(take the thermostat out) run the water into the top hose it will flush from the intake down through the heads into the block and out your front two holes on your block. If water gets by into your oil pan just take the plug out, your prob. changing the oil anyway. Be careful on your freeze plugs, if its got rust inside your plugs prob. are not very thick. While its down you should change them. Front of heads, two on side of block and two in back, can't get the backones unless you pull the trans. The others can be changed fairly eaisy.

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