engine oil in water cooiling system


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engine oil in water cooiling system

hey guys i have a mazda ms6 efini with a kf-ze engine 1 year ago i had head gasket problems solved all that .so the car drove for me for about 6 months than i needed to replace the water pump so i removed the pump and went searchin for it ad i could it find it enywhere so my car layed down for two months then some store called me and told me that they have the pump in stock now so i got it and replaced it here i am again with my mazda never ending problems .
i set all the timing marks properly cleaned the bushes(if this is how u spell it)
and put coolant in my water system start the car and yes the car started like a new mazda that i just got from the mazda dealer ,suddenly oil was like boiling out of the water system and above the oil filter is like oil is spilling everywhere. so the engine oil is mixin with water
what ya'll think the prob could be?
tommorow i going to loose the oil cooler(where u tighten the oil filter) hopefully is indeed the oil cooler
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Describe exactly where the oil is boiling out. Is it a oil/water mixture?
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the oil is not litterly boiling its coming out of the engine water cooling cap
the oil thats in the engine pumps out of the cap together with the water
and also when i run the engine u can hear sssssssss sound with the result of engine oil leaking all onder the car
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I don't see how you could have oil in your engine coolent.

Aside from that, it sounds like you have a coolent leak and an oil leak. Two separate leaks.
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head gasket

You have a blown head gasket if you have oil & coolant mixing. As far as all the other leaks sounds like every seal & gasket on your motor needs to be replaced.
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can't be the gasket

one thing i don't understand is that i had all the gasket replaced before the waterpump broblem i had. and the car engine was running fine until my waterpump got broke then i left the car lay down for 2 almost 3 months cuz i could find the waterpump after i found i replaced it right away and now i have the engine oil with water mixter problem.and also when i switch on the engine u can hear that sisling sound clearly like there is a pump or something thats malfunctioning i really don't now yet but tonight i will loose the oil filter and look if there is a pump or somekind thats not working as it should
if u guys come up with any idea please tell
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If you pull out your dipstick what does it look like?
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when i pull the dipstick i see all gray oil and at outomotive school they learned us to pull the dipstick and light it with a lighter(fire)if puffs like fireworks there is water in it but it dosn't puff at all
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Originally Posted by srsoupy
at outomotive school they learned us
Sue the hell out of them and buy a new car.......
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you might have a cracked head or block.Did the mtr get hot when the w/pump went out.
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My thoughts, too; cracked head or block or blown head gasket (again).

Question: When you did the head gasket previously did you have the head checked for cracks and surfaced?

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