A/C Leaking Inside Car....


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A/C Leaking Inside Car....

I have a '98 VW Golf and the air conditioning is leaking inside on the passenger side underneath the glove compartment. Normally, the condensation produced from the running of the A/C is released underneath the car. I'm sure the drain is clogged but not sure how to go about unclogging it. For starters, where is this drain located? I'm going to try and get underneath the car tonight and poke around but if anyone knows where I should be looking and can offer some advice as to how to correct this annoying problem I would greatly appreciate it. Right now, due to the weather being in the 90's, I have no choice and have to use the a/c. I have a couple of towels under the glove box to catch the falling droplets but this cant go on forever.

Thanks a million.

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place to start

You will need to get yourself under the car on the passanger side under the firewall there should be a tube that is the drain line run a piece of wire up it to unclog it.some small wire like .032.Just hope that this tube did not come off the box or you might need to start taking things apart
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michael, thanks for the reply! I will give this a shot and see if it corrects the leak.

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If wire does not get it blow it out with air.

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