1995 windstar


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1995 windstar

1995 windstar antifreeze mixed with oil any suggestion ?
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a head gasket probem is very likely especially on the 3.8liter models suggest not driving the vehicle at all until it is repaired.
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Could also be a leaking transmission cooler (which is inside the radiator). Checking the level in the engine and the tranny will tell you which one. If this is the case a new rad and a full cooling system flush will fix the problem. Otherwise, head gasket it is . . .
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'95 3.8s did have head gasket issues
If it has not had a new head gasket yet I'd tend to lean towards that
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Thanks for suggestion. Is three any in expansive way, rather than spending $ 2500 to $ 3000? (Rebuilt engine)
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Liquid glass, use to only be able to get it at the pharmacy but now some auto parts stores have it. Comes in about an 8 oz can, with directions. Pour into radiator get up to temp and shut down. let it sit and then drain all back out. I have used it and seen it work before. Don't think I would trust it as far as being dependable, but would prob try it.
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Blown head gasket(s) doesn't equal engine replacement. Check around to see what a head gasket job would cost in your area. Be sure to specify BOTH sides. It'll be a lot less than $2500-3000.
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hopefully you havnt driven it too long with it in the condition that it is in? the bearings might be shot if you have.

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