Caliper rebuild/replace?


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Caliper rebuild/replace?

I have performed many brake jobs on my two cars (94 Chrysler New Yorker/97 Ford Taurus). I have never changed or rebuilt the calipers on either. How will I know when the calipers need to be rebuilt or replaced, and which is better rebuilding or replacing?
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you usually just replace them with a rebuilt caliper from your local parts store.
any signs of leakage or being unable to recompress the piston back in even with the bleeder screw open would indicate a bad caliper.
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I have another silly question to add as well. I replace brakes often. I always buy the ones with the lifetime warranty. Why don't the more expensive brakes have a lifetime warranty? They usually only have a 3 year warranty. But they do have good wear indicators on them which the lifetime ones do not. My only guess would be so that you wear the lifetime pad without the indicator enough to destroy the rotor so you have to buy a new rotor and replace the pads as well. Am I right?
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well I suppose that could be a possibility but in general the autoparts stores usually carry one brand that have a lifetime warranty and they are often a cheap made pad the biggest reason is probably just to be able to sell more of them at a higher price, out of all the lifetime brake pads they sell they do not have to warranty out all that many as many times the owner may have traded or sold the vehicle before it is due for another set of pads very few owners actually take advantage of the warranty.
doesnt make much sense to put a lifetime warranty on a part thats made to wear out as normal wear and tear.
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cospiracy theory

A 3 yrr pad the indicator will start too rub at a little over 3 years and you have to buy more,,,,,,,,,,,,you can't run the pad for a liftime because the indicator is rubbing. Right? "they sell you more pads"

If you buy the liftime pad it doesn't have an indicator because they don't want you to bring the pad back until all 100 % of the pad is gone,

If a liftime pad had an indicator they would have to replace the pads before all the pad was gone off the pad.

Its a markiting strategy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,They have it all figured out How to get you............................................
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I am curious to know what brand of 'better' pad you are buying. I've never heard of a 3 yr warranty on pads.

Most pads offer a lifetime warranty, but contrary to popular belief, perpetuated by fast talking TV ads, the warranty does not cover normal wear.
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I always buy my pads from auto zone. I cant remember the brand of pads that I bought, but I had a LeBaron for 5 years, replaced pads with lifetime warranty pads the first time. After that, I replaced the pads four times, they gave the pads to me for free every time under the lifetime warranty. The reason I was asking the question was because I heard ceramic pads last longer and stop better than any other pad, but are much more expensive, and the warranty is only three (maybe 2) years. I was considering purchasing them, but wanted to know if they are worth it.

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