a/c problem?


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a/c problem?

Hope someone can help
My 98 caravan's a/c started to not cool properly.
Since new it has always had a temp of 45deg from the center vent in rec mode (I keep a thermometer in there).
Started to only get to 60deg and since I'm unable to take the heat like a youngster anymore took it to my dealer who diagnosed it as a leak in the evaporator core.
The dealer replaced the core ($1250) but I'm only able to get air temp to 55deg on the highway, city driving it creeps back up to 60deg.
Went back to dealer and they say they recharged it and said it was fixed.
Guess what it's still the same so my question is what did they do improperly.
The second visit only had me I there for 90 min total. I'm suspicous that all they did was check the line pressures.
Since the coil was replaced could they have not vaccumed it properly/ long enough and cause this type of problem.
Any of your thought's on this problem will help me with the dealer to fix it properly.

thanks in advance
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It's highly unlikely that a dealer would make any errors while evacuating/charging a system.

Based on your information, there is little to conclude largely because your vent temp method is not a reliable temp.

Try this instead. Note the outdoor ambient temperature. Open your car doors and windows (to bring in the outside ambient warm air) , set the a/c on max, measure the temp from the center vent with the engine running at a fast idle. Your vent temp should be around 30 degrees less than the outdoor temperature. Any other technique to take a reading will be useless and misleading.
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I've checked 2 other caravan's a 99 and a 2003 and both get down to 45deg vent temp in rec mode within 10 minutes using my method so it must be pretty reliable and my car use to. Any other ideas?
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Spent some time this weekend looking for a fix to my a/c cooling problem.
So here is what I've attempted to do.
Pinched off the coolant hose to the heat exchanger in the car to see if a blend door was not properly closing completely allowing heated air in to a/c mix.
still temp 60deg.
accquired a shop manual and in it is a chart that uses Liquid line "temperature" at the expansion valve and high pressure line pressure to determine if the system is charged properly.
Does anyone know if using this chart is the prefurred method of re-charging the a/c
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If it's the one I'm thinking of, it can be used as a very general reference. The only sure way to determine the charge level is to monitor the pressures.

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