1987 Oldsmobile Starting Problems


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1987 Oldsmobile Starting Problems

Hello all, I currently own a 1987 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale with the GM 3.8L, with 113,427 Miles as a second vehicle. The other day I was letting the car run for about 20 minutes just listening to the radio, when all of a suddent the engine vibrated violently and shut off when I tried to save it by tapping the gas. I tried to re-start it, it gave a second of start, but then died. Tried cranking it over again, but the battery was dead (Cheap Wally World Battery) The next day tried to start it, it ran for about 15 seconds rough, but after 8-10 seconds if I even touched the gas a bit it would bog down and die. I got mad at it and just hopped in the other car and went for a drive. An hour later I came back and tried to start it, it ran, I played with the throttle for the first 5 minutes, seemed ok. (I couldn't take it out on the road becasue the tags had expired and the inspection was out of date too...) I went in to get something to drink and just came out in time to hear the car shut off again. I forgot about it for a day or so. I proceded to start it again, it started and ran for 20 minutes, tapping the gas lightly every once in a while. Afterwards the engine vibrated and shut off again, again tapping the gas jsut made it die quicker. Another day later it did the same thing. Today I replaced the spark plugs and wires. It started and ran at idle for about 30 seconds, but died. Im at a loss now, it is getting fuel and spark, so it must be something else. With my luck it will ned tons of cash again. Thanks in advance!
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are you sure your alternator is working properly?
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Yes, the Alternator works, the battery got fully charged and hasn't died after alot of cranking, the car will just not start and/or stay running.
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Could be the last gasps of a fuel pump. If you can get hold of a pressure guage you could at least rule this out.
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I would check the fuel pressure and regulator.

Next time you start it, see if it dies when you bring it up to 2000 rpm and hold it. It sounds a bit like a fuel problem.
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bad pump maybe

i hade a 92 buick regal do the same thing...i put gas in a windex bottle and sprayed it in the carb to get the car running...it ran good as long as i sprayed gas in....that was my backwards way of figuring it was a fuel problem....took it to garage and he tested for fuel pressure...yep the boys ahead of me are likely right on...fuel pump was culpret
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Ok, got it to start after cranking forever. Whenever trying to even bring up the throttle it would choke and die. It does sound like shes starving for fuel. Grah, have to drop the entire fuel tank to get to the pump. Ill try to get the mechanic next door to do a fuel pump pressure test before we replace it, but who knows how long that'll take...

Thanks for all the replies!
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Don't take amything off until you check the fuel pressure with a gauge.

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