can't stop oil leak


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can't stop oil leak

I have a 1997 grand caravan.It has develpoed an unstopable oil leak.Ive been told by several mechanics that the aluminum heads warp at about a 100,000 miles and this model is notorius for these leaks. Basicly the advice i'm getting is... NEW MOTOR. It drops a puddle of oil the size of a dinner plate in about 5-10 min ideling in one place. Am i wasting time "and oil" looking for a repair?
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First you need to find out where the leak is coming from, just because they are bad about developing leaks at the head gasket doesn't mean yours is too, it might just be a simple leak. Find the leak first.
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I don't believe 97 Caravans are notortious for warped heads. If it is the 3.0 then they are notorious for leaking cam and crank seals. These can be replaced with the timing belt, which is well due if you are over 100 k miles. But if you have been told by several mechanics *who have actually looked at the vehicle* that it is coming from the head, then there is not much you can do but fix it.
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Chevydrivin makes a good point. The first thing you need to do is identify where the leak is coming from.

The question I have is does it only leak when it is running, if so it may be as simple as the valve cover gasket that maybe leaking.

If it is a warped head you can take the head into a machine shop and get it shaved it isn’t warped too bad. Then replaced the head gasket and that should help.

If it is warped to bad to be shaved then you can buy a replacement head for it. But you shouldn’t have to replace the entire engine unless the block is messed up.
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I would avoid any mechanic who stated that the heads warp at about 100,000 miles necessitating an ENGINE change. I know of no vehicle where the heads are automatically EXPECTED to warp at any particular mileage. Heads that become warped almost universally have been overheated. Keep looking for a GOOD mechanic who will actually show you the source of the leak and make your decision from there.
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I agree with HSPR, 3.0 liters are famous for valve stem seal causing smoke on acceleration after idling, but not for warped heads. If you overheated it severly it is possible, but sound more like cam or crank seals. Also with that much oil coming out in that little of time it could be as simple as an oil pressure switch leaking.

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