98 Ford Contour overheating


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98 Ford Contour overheating

I have replaced the thermostat, water pump, sensor (even jumped out fan so it runs all the time) and still it overheats. I have heard tht 2.0 duratech engine can overheat because of a clog in the catalytic converter and also that this car's cooling system is prone to be airbound. Does anyone have any ideas??
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did you do a pressure test? the cap might not be holding the pressure.
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The first thing to determine is whether or not the stat is opening. When the car is warmed up, both the upper and lower rad hoses should be the same temperature (ie, very hot to the touch). If they are not then there is likely air in the system. I don't have the reference at hand, but there may be special a special bleeding procedure.

Try this first and let us know.
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What clues lead you to believe the engine is overheating?.... temp gauge?.... boilover of coolant?

The reason I ask this is because a 98 Escort with the Duratech 2.0 in my fleet has a stuck temp gauge (full hot), plus we need to explore whether you have a bad head gasket.

Air should work itself out over time from the cooling system. Or you can burp the system by parking on an incline and topping off.
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i have a 1996 escort over heating and this post said to replace the bottom radiator hose, batta bing running cool now!!
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I'm having a similar problem

I have a 97 2.5 v6. My reservoir cap malfunctioned and at the same time my temp gauge sending sensor shorted; this sent the gauge needle all the way over. After disconnecting the sensor I had to take the instrument panel out and thump the back of the gauge to get it back down to zero. I replaced the sensor and put it back together, the gauge still indicated hotter than normal. I replaced the thermostat and water pump. It still indicates hot after a few minutes. I donít know what to do next.

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