Jeep 1998 side mirror glass replacement


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Ronald Banasz
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Jeep 1998 side mirror glass replacement

I have a 1998 Jeep GC Limited. The driver mirro which is remote & heated has turned yellow with use and age. I have heard that it is not necessary to purchase the total housing but that a replace glass mirror is available. I purchased one from the dealer and they indicated that the old mirror just pops out and the new one pops in. I have tried to pop out the old however no success. If I pull harder, I believe the housing will break and that would mean more replacement parts. Can anyone help with the instructions on how this mirror glass pops out? None of the manual I have indicate how it is done.
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look at the back of the new one. that may give you some indication of how and where it attaches.
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Ronald Banasz
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There are two ball like pieces which attach to the mirror housing, however, it is the removal of the old one that is causing the problem. If I can not remove the old mirror without breaking the housing, the replacement part is worthless. Purchasing a new complete unit, even on line is about 100.00 than it must be painted to match the Jeep color.

There must be a way to remove the mirror glass piece without destroying the complete unit. Still open to suggestion. I guess I could go back to the dealer.
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Is there any dependable body shops around, take it by and ask for an est. it may be as simple as 1, 2, 3. They would Know since they have prob changed one or two in their line of work, maybe he can fix it there on the spot and if you witness him only taking 5 or 10 minutes to fix maybe he wouldn't charge you much.
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I always use a local glass shop
They do side view mirrors and such
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Ronald Banasz
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Thanks for the local glass and body shop suggestions. I did not think of that , but will do it today.

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