"95 Caprice Oil blowing out of fill tube


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"95 Caprice Oil blowing out of fill tube

I'm trying to help a friend with no job.

Jim has a 1995 Caprice with a 305. Has about 140,000 miles on it.

Last week the motor started smoking and he says that there's positive pressure at the oil filler tube and blowing oil from the tube. He' said there is no smoke from the exhaust. He says the car seems to be running ok.

Afraid to drive the car home, he took it to a shop near work and 30 mins later was told that he needed a new motor! Mechanic said some piston rings were stuck and he had time to rebuild the block for $2000.

Being a new divorcee with kids, it's a "hardship" to keep the car running.

Are there other components that could cause this?

Any advice would be appreciated!

Joe in Miami Lakes
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PCV valve and/or the hoses in the PCV system. Go by your local parts store like AutoZone or NAPA and have them show you what one looks like. They'll probably even show you on the car where it is. When they get clogged or stuck you can get excess backpressure in the engine and will do as described.
And by the way, I would not go back to the garage that quoted the $2000 fix.
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Thanks guy!

Will relay messege at work tomorrow!

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The motor should not be blowing that much backpressure even if the PVC is stopped up. "140,000 miles" is alot, if the PVC replace doesn't fix it then it is the rings. When the engine goes up on the compression stroke the compressed air is bypassing worn out rings into the crankcase and out the oil fill tube. Get somebody to run adry and wet compession check before replacing the motor. 2,000 is cheap for a rebuild but you would be better off by buying a replacment engine with a warrenty. You can get a 305 long block for $700 from auto zone.
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more than likely it is time for a rebuild or replace with a remanufactured engine it shouldnt be blowing oil out of the oil fill tube, if its has that much blowby it has problems.
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before you spend money on the pcv you may want to do a compression test on each of the cylinders
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try this

You can also remove the oil filler cap on the valve cover with engine running and see if it blows a lot of air.You do not want a lot of air blowing as this is a sign of a worn engine and not even the best PVC valve in the world can keep up with all this pressure.
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Thanks everyone for some great advice!

The PCV valve was defective and 2 hoses were clogged!

After being replaced, the motor stopped "smoking" and is not blowing oil!

He is making plans to buy a car soon!

Now I have my own car problem I need to post!

Joe in Miami

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