1995 GT 5.0 Mustang


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1995 GT 5.0 Mustang

Help, I have 95 5.0 GT Mustang, last year it kept stalling on me after running it in the middle of the summer. It never showed out of the normal range on the temp. gauge. When the temp outside cooled down it would run great. So took it to ford house, they said it was air mass sensor. Well 5 big ones later it ran great all the rest of the summer. Never had a problem in the cooler weather. Here it is summer again. I went 45 miles o.k. stayed there 3-4 hours, now it's really hot outside, you guess it, stalled on the freeway. Got it started long enough to get it off to a store parking lot. Get someone to pik me up, go back 4 hours later w/tow dolley, I decided to try it first, drove it all the way back w/no problems. Please don't tell me it's the same thing.
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Can't help much, but check to see if the sensor is still under warranty. If so, take it back and have them check it.
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It could be several things, but i have seen quite a few ignition modules cause this concern. Just a thought.
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Hot no-start is often ignition related
This 5.0 still has the notorious TFI module
They usually just go, they don't usually go intermitent, but it's possible
They can just conk out on the freeway while you're driving along

Also if you drive around with less thasn a 1/4 tank on these the fuel pump can heat up and shut off, and can burn out quicker w/o the fuel to cool it
Those ususlly just go also, but can be intermitent

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