1993 4.3 Cargo Van Help!!


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1993 4.3 Cargo Van Help!!

I recently bought a 1993 van for back and forth to work. I drove it for a week and everything was fine. Then a day or two ago it hiccuped a couple times(cut out). I put gas in it seemed to be fine. The next day I took it to the store, it wonld'nt hardly run, belched black smoke would not ake gas. I let it set for a bit and got it home 1 1/2 miles. The check engine light had come on as usual when I started it and stayed on a bit longer than usual but went out. It acted like it was over fueling. I talked to some guys and changed out the MAP sensor, not it took that back and changed out throttle position sensor, no luck there either. Now it acts like it wants to start when cranking but like it can't quite catch up. Im poor as a church mouse so having it towed to a place where they can get it on the computer and paying to have it fixed probably is out of the question, Any ideas?????
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How many miles on this van?
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if it is central port injected it may have a gas leak under the upper intake plenum could be injector or fuel lines suggest you start by checking fuel pressure and see if pressure drops quickly after shutting the engine off or turning the key off,
you should also have codes read this may help to determine what is wrong.
egr valves sticking open is another common problem on the central port injected 4.3 liter.
you may be able to check codes by jumpering the a and b terminal on the diagnostic connector under the drivers side dash and turning the key on and counting the flashes of the check engine light should start with 12 and will flash each code 3 times then will repeat.
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Start with getting the codes out of it. The 'idiot' light -- a name only idiots use -- provides a wealth of information, or at worst a starting point.

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