'97 Lincoln Conti...squeel help!


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'97 Lincoln Conti...squeel help!

Hi everyone,

This squeel, rubber sounding crunching noise has been driving me nuts. My mechanic has spent numerous hours trying to find it. As typical, when you bring it in at first, nadda. This annoying rubber sounding squeel,crunching noise occurs when the temperature is above 75 and the car is hot. To me it feels and sounds like the sway bar bushings. It happens when the car "bounces" over bumps. I've tried bouncing the car when stationary, but ofcourse no luck, only when it moves. Any thoughts or expereiences will be eternally grateful.
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Does the car have to be moving ? Can you make it happen sitting still ? To me rubber crunching and squeeling don't exactly mesh. Can you be more specific ? Can you tell with part of the car the noise comes from ? As much detail as possible would help.
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That's the thing, it's hard to determine. I had my mechanic crawl underneath while i bounced on the car. Ofcourse , NADDA! I can feel the vibrations of the noise while I drive. The only thing I can guess are the sway bar bushings. He even went through the trouble of taking them all off. I should of just changed them then since he had them out. I know this type of question is diffult to asnwer especially when i cannot exactly locate the noise. Just wondering if anyone ever had any bad sway bar bushing that made that noise? Thanks for reading....any other thoughts will be greatly appreciated
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Originally Posted by GlassesRx
Just wondering if anyone ever had any bad sway bar bushing that made that noise?
All the time
It doesn't mean they are bad, just squeeky
New bushings can squeek too, especially Poly-U
I usually spray some white lithium grease on them and the end link bushings when I'm under there
On really persistent squeekers that the lithium doesn't help I've used penetrating oil and that's worked
It penetrates better, but doesn't last as long
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Thanks for the feedback guys/gals....thank goodness the parts are cheap, guess I'll be changing them. I'm getting tired of buying silicone spray, WD40, lithium grease and spraying the darn things. Just wanted to share the woes and see what's out there. If that doesn't work, I'm drivng my car into a tub of grease, that should solve everything!
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