Transmission stuck in reverse, need your help!


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Transmission stuck in reverse, need your help!

I drive a 1993 Plymouth Sundance with a standard transmission. Today it was drivin great until my friend was screwin around with the shifter when the engine was off. Now it wont go out of reverse. Even when the shifter goes side to side like it does in neutral, it still drives in reverse when you let the clutch out. I noticed that one of the two shifter cables under the hood had a bad bushing so I moved the linkage at the transmission with my hands and tried to see if that would take it out of gear and that didn't do anything. For some reason it won't go out of reverse. I don't think the problem is inside the transmission cause I don't hear any strange noises when the engine is on and the clutch engaged. Its just weird cause I had no problems with it until he screwed with the shifter. Its probably a linkage problem, I just don't know how to fix that. I want to raise the drive wheels off the ground with my jack and fool around with the linkage while my brother controls the clutch to see if I can get it out of gear and reset everything but I don't know if thats a good idea. I need all 5 forward gears more than I need reverse so I wanna fix this soon. If it was rear wheel drive and the shifter went directly into the transmission, I wouldn't be in this mess. When I get it fixed I'm gonna slap my friend for being an idiot. Please help me and give me you suggestions on how to fix this problem of mine. Thank you!
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probably is a linkage problem or shifter cable problem set the emergency brake or scotch the wheels if the brake doesnt work and with the engine off remove the shifter cables and try to manually put in nuetral.
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thanx dude, I actually had to stick my fingers thru the fill plug and slide one of the gears back to take it out of reverse, that seemed to fix the problem!

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