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Question '98 Windstar 3.8l


The tensioner for the serpantine belt on my '98 Windstar is seized. As well, the idler pulley is chirping up a storm....they both need to be replaced. Chilton gives basic instructions on how to change them but fails to elaborate on just how difficult it is.

Anybody have any experience with changing these and is it a DYI? It looks simple enough but with the tensioner being under spring pressure, I don't know what I might be getting into. Detailed instructions, proper tools and cautions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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You need a special tool to change that tensioner

I have a 1996 Windstar and recently had to change the tensioner.
Whatever you do, do not try to change the pulley without removing the belt and removing the tensioner from the engine. The bolt is too long and when trying to completely remove it, the long bolt bottomed out on the metal engine compartment and I had to thread it back in again. Use the special tool to spring back the tensioner and remove the belt and then take out the one bolt that holds the tensioner in place. Then remove the pulley and replace it. And a reverse order to put it back on. Make sure you look under the hood for the drawing of how the belt goes back on or consult a service manual or make a little drawing yourself before removing the belt as it will be difficult to figure out if you don't do this.... The pulley with its new bearing is about $15 and the special tool - long metal bar with the right size end to fit the tensioner bolt is about $30. Good luck! - Paul

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