Sway Bar Link replacement on Taurus + A/C


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Sway Bar Link replacement on Taurus + A/C

'98 Taurus had clunking sounds when going over bumps at times or turning. Dealer said replace both sway bar links ... cost ~$266

Also, a/c was out since last season. Dealer says replace A/c Accumulator + Liquid line + Freon ... Cost ~ $873 !

Any thoughts ? TIA

Continued saga from : http://forum.doityourself.com/showth...887#post796887

PS. Current miles about 95K
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Originally Posted by ennemm
'98 Taurus had clunking sounds when going over bumps at times or turning. Dealer said replace both sway bar links ... cost ~$266
Ug....don't get me started on sway bar end links from my local Ford dealer
Went to get some for an Escort (pot hole hit snapped the corroded ones)
"$114 and 5 to 7 days"
me="No, I don't want the whole bar, just the end links"
"...yeah, $114 and about 5 to 7 days"
"5-7 days for end links....for an Escort?"
"And 114 dollars?...for two bolts two nuts 8 bushings and a bunch of washers?"
"Here's the printout...and it's $114 + Tax"

This is on the phone to NAPA minutes later
NAPA "Sure, we got them...well let me put a hand on them to be sure...yup right here"
me="How much?"
"18 bucks"
"I be right there"
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Links on that one are a little different from the norm. Basically a double ended ball socket/stud. Top attaches to the strut housing, bottom to the sway bar. Easiest way to change them out is to get the top ends of both free, and then swing the sway bar down to access the lower studs. I've never done any other than on a rack, and I've had more than a few that required a torch - might want to call around and get some more prices. They're not going to be cheap, but you will find better than $266.

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*If* the nuts come loose on the links they are not too bad too change (although you will want to jack the car up so that your supports are under the control arms, so that the suspension is not hanging), but if they dont you will need torches to cut them off. Not DIY in that case, but worth a try.

In Canada we can get aftermarket links that have grease fittings on them (Spicer, I believe). They seem to last longer than OEM

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