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help wanted

hello, please I need some help with my car a pontiac transport 91. I had a leak in the tube going to the radiator, I was driving in the highway, so I was adding more water time to time but it seemed that the water wasn't going to the radiator. so the engine got very hot and start to loose power until I start hearing some noise so I stopped tha car and I towed it to the mechanic. The tube having the leak was replaced but now the engine doen's start easily, I have to wait a long time and push the accelerator for about one minute to start the engine. Please if you know what is wrong with it, get back to me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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Good chance you've warped the heads from overheating which, if it hasn't already, will eventually lead to blown head gaskets. The aluminum heads on today's engines simply will not tolerate being overheated whatsoever. Suspect the head gaskets are already blown. Surprised whatever mechanic did the work didn't get into that with you. Going to have to take it to a good shop to have it checked. Don't be surprised if the repair is more than the vehicle is worth.

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