pinging in engine???


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pinging in engine???

My son has a 1991 Olds Delta 88 Royale Brougham that we just drained and cleaned the gas tank because it had a black substance in it. We changed the gas filter and had little problem starting it up. Now, there is a pinging in the engine that is pretty loud. Where do start with this problem? What should I check that could possibly be making the pinging noise? Thanks for any help.
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I would get it checked for any codes that might be stored for starters. Might aslo pull all the spark plugs and post back what they look like on the businees end. Pinging is generally caused by incorrect timing, gas that has too low an octane rating, or sometimes carbon buildup in the cylinders. With what you found in the tank, I would be a little afraid that a foreign substance made it's way into the cylinders and you have some kind of deposits in there. If there is enough stuff gunked up in a cylinder it can raise the compression ratio and lead to pinging. A compression check wouldn't hurt to see if it is in the proper range.
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Check the fuel pressure first, should be about 40 psi. Also the injectors could have caught some junk and be partially plugged. Fuel pumps have no tolerance for stuff other than fuel going through them so I would suspect that first. Pinging can be caused by a lean mixture also which could be pump or plugged injectors.

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