Fog lights get brighter when I push the brake


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Fog lights get brighter when I push the brake

I just put in a set of fog lights and I have put in many other fog lights but this is my first time to have this happen. When I push the brakes my fog lights get brighter. Why would this be happening? I have wired like it told me to do. I have it coming from my battery to the switch then the switch to the fog lights. I used a screw that was on the frame as a ground. Could it be that ground? Do I need to drill a hole and make a new spot for the ground or what could it be? I put the ground between the frame and a piece of metal, but I'm 100% sure but I think the piece of metal might actually be aluminum. Could that be the problem if it is aluminum, even thou the grounded wire is against the metal frame? Thank you for any help you might have.
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I think you may be answering your own question. A ground connection needs to be clean - file, scrape or wire brush to get shiny metal. make sure the screw is also clean - and tighten the ground screw snugly. At 12 V it doesn't take much to cause a resistance problem.

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