98 Mazda Protege - Overheating & elec issues


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Question 98 Mazda Protege - Overheating & elec issues

Hey all,

Odd confluence of issues with my Protege this past week. First I got in it, and the A/C wasn't blowing any cold air. Since I could hang meat in my back seat before this, I don't think it's a freon leak. Those usually tend to cause a slow lessening of cooling until they run out. This was overnight. So I imagine it's something mechanical (compressor, clutch, etc.)

But then the next day, I am headed to the grocery store, and the "Battery" light pops on (low voltage?). Then I notice that the temp gauge is climbing to Hot really fast. I pulled over and let it cool down, then turned around and headed home. Less than a minute after starting back down the road, the battery light comes on again and the temp gauge starts climbing again. I stopped one more time to let it cool down before I made it home.

I'll probably end up getting it towed to the shop, but any ideas on this odd confluence of problems? Or could it just be three different things failing at the same time?

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check the belts for starters to see if any are loose or missing.

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