1995 Nissian 2wd pickup (clutch)???


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Question 1995 Nissian 2wd pickup (clutch)???

Here is the skinny: Truck sat for about nine days without being driven or started. When the owner got in and started the truck there was a squealing noise which seemed to go away when the clutch was disengaged. However, continued when truck was put in gear and driven. Than it went away all together.

Next day, in the morning ....same thing.

That afternoon, no noise. (He brought it over to me to listen to and wasn't able to get it to make the noise again).

Next day, in the morning.....no noise.

I know this isn't much to go on, but I just wanted to get others opinons. I think it may have been his throw-out bearing. He is wondering if he should replace it as he is getting ready to drive from West coast to East coast.

I am not going to tell you what I think as I don't want to influence anyone. What do you think it could have been?
Do you think he should replace/repair it prior to this trip?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm :mask:
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Hard to say. I had to have the tranny in my work truck rebuilt and noticed the throw out bearing had a slight nick it it so I put in a new one. The old one worked fine but... The new one squalled on and off for months. Finally quit on its own [40k ago]
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throwout bearing

sounds like a throwout bearing getting ready to puke.Once it is warmed up it is OK but when cold it is tight.
Word of advice if you replace it you can do it now or wait till is pukes(might be at a very bad time) replace the clutch if you have high mileage on it.I would say 50k or more.You might luck out and it might last.More often then not once the weather starts turning cold you will hear the noise more often.
I would say yes replace before making a long trip you dont want to get stuck in the middle of nowere.
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Well, as it goes the thing hasn't made anymore noise for the past two days.

So I think we are going to wait and see what happens. Maybe it was just a piece of grit got in there some how and once it was gone, so was the noise.

I will try to remember to log back on and let you all know how it went. Of course, if he breaks down in Anywhere, USA I may be looking for volunteers to help him out!!!!

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