96 pontiac grand am gt -- problem after problem


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Angry 96 pontiac grand am gt -- problem after problem

Hi Everyone,

I have a 1996 Pontaic Grand am GT
4DR Sedan
V6 3.1 Liter

Check engine light has been on pretty much since I bought this car 6 months ago.

First problem.. The car just died, would turn over but wouldn't start. Found out it was the Crankshaft sensor, had it replaced. Check engine light went out.

Check engine light came back on a few days later.

Weeks later

Car stalled and wouldn't start. Had it towed to my house, checked the connection to the sensor (because it seemed like the same problem) a wire was loose, it started.

Few days later

Car stalled, while waiting at a light.. then felt like it was going to stall while driving, did manage to get it home.

Car stalled while someone else was driving and they checked connection to module and got it back to my house.

Spark plugs were crap so they were replaced.

I've had someone look at it at my house. The car was starting up, had spark.. fuel pressure was too low. I could hear the fuel pump when turning the key. So we figure it was probably the fuel filter.
Today, the throttle body sensor was checked, the reading was off.
Then the car wouldn't start at all (again) and there is no spark (again)..

This car seems possessed... not sure where to go from here.
I don't have money to bring it to a mechanic this time. But I do know a few people that work on cars.

Please... Any advice????

Thank you,
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Question Trouble codes

Since my last post..
My car's ground wires were cleaned, fuel pressure checked (not as high as it should be) Replaced the pvc valve because it needed it..(found it was leaking)
Going to change the fuel filter tomorrow, the car problaby could use that also. The person who was working on the car said my map sensor may not be working right.

For some reason yesterday, the car decided to start right up.

I went to autozone today..
The car started (wasn't starting before) and ran fine since yesterday, but of course I don't dare to do a lot of driving, too unsure about it stalling out on me.

Anyway, the guy wrote down the codes.
P0107 - which I believe MAP - low input.. The person that was working on the car yesterday did disconnect it, and he told me that was probably why I got that reading.

The MAP sensor was removed from the car and tested in autozone. The test said it's fine but it gave a high voltage reading. With no vaccum it read 6 volts, the book I have says 4.5 - 5 volts. With vaccum the reading was 2. something.

Another code P0420 - Something to do with emissions ??

And the guy at autozone wrote this code P01441. He said he couldn't find it on his computer. He said it was a GM specific code.
I tried to look it up on the internet and my book and I can only find this code - P0141 O2 sensor?? could he have written down the wrong code?

Any input or advice is helpful and appreciated... Thanks..

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I don't remember the year maybe 1987
If the sensor is located between the fire wall in the block of the motor.
About 3" long 3/4" dia.
Change the Crankshaft position sensor again.
I cut one open. it had a coil of wire, the wire is about the thickness of your hair (about .002"). I estimate about a mile long. no joke.
I connected the sensor to a meter, and heated the sensor with a heat gun the sensor showed bad after heated.
The car would Die after the sensor got hot.

They should fire the engineer that designed that sensor.This web site will not let me say what I really think of the design of the sensor.
I would like know how many accidents this sensor may be blamed for.
I would hope they fixed the design for your year car ?

Wire that thin and long will brake from thermal expansion.

The other thing my brother changes his fuel pump about every 5 years.
And the only Two times he had taken the car to the dealer they were not able to fix it.
Other then that, it appears to be a good car.

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