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Question Toyota noise

1988 Toyota Camry 4 cy starts hard and tries to die (totaly) on acceleration from stop or on highway. Occurs when humid or after rain. Worse if car sittin g idle over weekend. Sat for a week then startd hard today. Stumbled and I saw fuel vapor exiting the air intake (sort of a backfire I guess). Then when it finally ran there was a knocking noise that calmed down from rather loud, to softer, as the engine ran longer. The noise is still there at idle and will go away only at high rpms. The starting and stumbling has been intermittant for over a year, but this noise is new. I suspect that the starting and stumbling is ingition related, but I need some help connecting this to what sounds like a valve train or bearing noise. Any ideas????
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The noise could be carbon, that engine prone to build up and knocks. Use a carbon treatment...follow directions on can.

Your other problem is coil ng, also very common. Replace cap/wire set also, only use OEM Toyota...cannot stress this enough.

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