thick smoke coming from rear exhaust pipe


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thick smoke coming from rear exhaust pipe

I own a 1995 S10 Blazer truck with Vortex .. I was trying to move a dead 1/2 ton truck around my backyard and hooked up a tow strap from the truck to my blazer then pull it but I forgotten the parking brake on the pickup truck and stopped pulling.

As I walk to the truck and released the parking brake .. I saw a thick greyish smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe .. so thick that it like fog covering up my backyard.

I quickly shut it off and looked at the engine for any tattletale damage signs but don't see any at all so I checked oil and water and both seem fine ..

I started thet truck again and it smoked up the backyard again but after 5 minutes of running it stop doing it ..

So I went ahead and resume pulling the dead pickup truck to another side of my backyard and went to Wal mart for an oil change afterward to play it safe ..

After the oil change at Wal Mart .. thick greyish smoke came back again and blinding the traffic behind me then it stopped after 3-4 minutes after driving down the street.

Next day (today) I did some driving around and everything seem normal .. temp and oil pressure seem normal on my dashboard ..

no thick smoke at all .. seem to be idling normal as well too ..

any idea why it did that and is it something I should be concern about or something that need repairing?

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Is that an auto or stick?
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auto with 4x4 tranfer case
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What is the service history, esp oil changes. Possible clogged returns? in heads and oil not draing back?
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Never had anything major done to the truck other than regular oil changes and brake pad replacement ..

Truck have 140k miles on it ..

it only smoked out twice so far and never again .. still running fine and idling fine with no smoke at all .. the smoke seem like white mixed with little grey or blackish color in it .. but real real thick fog like smoke which was enough to blind someone driving behind me.

So far it been day 2 and smoke still have not returned and exhaust seem normal now .. oil gauge reading is about 38-42 and water temp is about 210 with AC running in town ..

I opened the cap and check the radiatior and the water level seem full and normal .

I am so puzzled why it smoked so bad twice and stopped not doing it anymore ..


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