'93 Jeep Runs Bad After Transmission Repair


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'93 Jeep Runs Bad After Transmission Repair

I have a '93 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 5.2 L, auto transmission, four-wheel drive and approximately 133,000 miles. The car runs very rough, will not idle unless the RPM's are at 2K and heats up to maximum after just a few minutes, then stalls. With someone keeping it running, I thought I could hear a slight hissing sound from the engine.

Two days ago I just got the car out of the shop with a rebuilt transmission costing $2,100 as the old one was completely shot. One of repairs was to add an external transmission cooler as the OEM one was so stuffed up it could not be saved. After driving the car one day, I ran into this problem.

When it first stalled, I looked to see what was wrong and I noticed the bottom radiator hose was off. I pushed it back on and saw that the hose clamp was still there, just loose. I added water to the empty radiator, but still had the same problem.

Questions I have is what could be wrong now? Is it possible that when the shop disconnected the old transmission cooling lines, added new ones or tested the system, would the radiator hose be removed? Would this be anything I could talk to the shop about and sound believeable? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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Not sure what the problem is but if you are saying that you drove around without coolant you could have damaged the engine which may be causing your problems.

It should not be necessary to disconnect the main coolant hoses in order to disconnect the trans oil cooler lines - they are completely separate. Having said that they may have had to diconnect the main hoses and drain the coolant in order to get the old trans out and the new one in. Very often things like the coolant lines tend to be in the way and to do this kind of work many other things not related to the trans have to be removed.
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The poor idle issue could be related to a disconnected/broken vacuum line, hence the hissing sound you hear. With the engine running, look in the radiator. Do you see bubbles, or oil in the coolant? If so, this could be an indication of a warped head, blown gasket or worse.
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I get alot of these in the shop after trans R and R. One of two things happened, either the tech did not tighten the crank sensor back down, or he left the bolts in and damaged it while pulling the trans. Doesn't explain the hissing sound, but it is a very common problem.
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Thanks for the responses and a few questions. Would the problem of not tightening the crank sensor show up right away? The car ran great for about 2 days before it had a problem. Running it now until it warms up, I am not seeing any bubbles in the radiator, but there is a brownish material in the oil which I guess is water. Does this mean cracked head or block? As I just dropped $2K on this car, please suggest a cheap fix.

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Water in oil on '93 Jeep

Reading other messages, I assume water in the oil is typically either a head gasket or worse, a cracked head. Is this a novice type job on a '93 Jeep or should I not attempt? Any tips?

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