2001 Silverado Fuel Gauge Question/Problem


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Question 2001 Silverado Fuel Gauge Question/Problem

I drive a 2001 Chevy Silverado truck. Once I fill the gas tank the fuel gauge is immediately pinned to empty. Once I drive a few miles the needle starts to come up. Then the needle will spike back in forth between Empty and Full. After the first few gallons are burned up the gauge works fine, however when idled at a stop light the gauge will once again spike to E until I start to move again and then comes back to the actual reading.

Any suggestions?????

Thank you in advance,
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i have the same problem with my 01 silverado, but it doesnt seem to have anything to do with the fuel level or filling up. it just happens randomly.
ill watch your post for comments.
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I say your fuel level sensor is bad. I have been replacing a ton of these on GM cars and trucks from 32,000 miles on up.
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How can I isolate the problem to the fuel sensor and how much of an effort is it to replace?
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Most likely the sender. I think there is a bulletin from gm on these. Its in the gas tank. Take the tank out and it's easy, Getting the tank out is usually the pain in the butt.

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