Rear defogger not working '01 Chevy Impala


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Rear defogger not working '01 Chevy Impala

The rear defogger is not working in my 2001 Impala. When I press the dash button, the light goes on but nothing else happens. I've checked the connections on the rear glass and they seem fine. Also, I see in the fuse box (near passenger side of dashboard) there is a circuit breaker and a relay. I've tried getting into the ciruit breaker box, but it's not easy and I don't want to break something. The square relay seems really hard to get out as well although it just plugs in. Could it be anything else? What's the secret to getting the relay out and/or checking the circuit breaker? Any help is appreciated.

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I am not sure from your comments if you actually have power at the heating grid on the glass. Have you checked this with a multitester? If you have power there, disconnect the lines to the grid and check for a break in the cirucuit with a continuity tester. If no power to the line, check the fuse continuity.
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I don't think I have power to the grid. I will check with a continuity tester and see.
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You should have 12 v on one side and ground on the other. The lines should have 12v on one side going down in voltage across them. I would need to see a wiring diagram, but I think this car has the antenna in the rear glass also and there is some module above the headliner in the back that can go bad and disrupt power to the defroster. Circuit breakers seldom go bad.

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